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About Us

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About Aspira International Clinical Research

  • Aspira Health Clinical Research, Inc. (AHCR) is a dedicated research facility founded and its operations to Pasadena Texas. We conduct clinical trials working with different groups of physicians in the area specializing in Urology, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, and Family Medicine. Most of our physicians have many years of experience in the clinical research.

  • Aspira Health Clinical Research has grown into an experienced multiple site clinical research organization that is committed to the performance of Phases II- IV Clinical Trials. We utilize community-based physicians, clinics, and hospitals. We are a team of dedicated research professionals in that we manage all aspects of the project from marketing, regulatory, and safety reporting to coordination, patient scheduling, and query resolution. We provide full service clinical research study management focused on quality protocol compliance and consistent trial outcomes within multi-specialty areas of research under the supervision of well-experienced and dedicated staff with clinical and medical background. Aspira Health Clinical Research coordinates and manages clinical trials with board certified physicians around the Houston Metropolitan area and Pasadena. Aspira Health Clinical Research also provides other medical services and support as follows: Business Development Support, Marketing Support, Protocol Contacts, Regulatory Support and Staff Support.

  • Aspira Health  Clinical Research continuously recruits for volunteers for our research studies. We look for people with different medical conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension) as well as healthy volunteers. Once a volunteer or potential patient is interested in participating in one of our studies, our board certified physician will review your eligibility for participation into the study.

  • Each study has specific requirements in order for you to be eligible to participate in the study. Study eligibility may include your age, sex (male or female), type of medical conditions, current medications your taking, current or past treatments, and current health status. Eligibility criteria varies from each study. By following eligibility criteria, we are able to obtain accurate data which ensures us that vulnerable individuals will not be subjected to unnecessary risk. Once determined you are eligible to participate in our research study, you will be scheduled for a visit at our clinic where the physician and research staff will explain the entire study and an informed consent form will be given to you.

Group Lecture

Who we are

Our research team consists of board certified investigators, registered nurses, clinical research coordinators, regulatory coordinators, and financial/contracts administrator. All of the research personnel have many years of clinical research experience and have been trained with the ICH-GCP Guidelines through CITI Program and NIH. Our coordinating team are HAZMAT Certified.

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Mission Statement

By utilizing established relationships within the medical community, the key focus of the company is to support physicians who elect to participate in clinical research trials from Phases I, II, III and IV while working to improve the health and care of patients with various conditions.

Through support of research initiatives, we help contribute to the improvement of the medical field and the overall health of the community.

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